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Bible Study Skills: Interpreting the text

After observing Scripture—considering what it says—one must interpret what it means. The science of Bible interpretation is often called biblical hermeneutics. Often people think that understanding the Bible is something mystical, but it is not. Hermeneutics is something we do every time we read a newspaper, article, or letter. We are simply using principles to discern what the author meant when writing to a specific audience. A text, generally, has one meaning (interpretation), though it may have many applications. The primary difference when interpreting Scripture, in comparison to regular writings, is the fact that the Bible is God’s Word and therefore is without error. Consequently, when confronting seemingly conflicting texts or ideas in the Bible, the interpreter must find out how the texts or truths work together or harmonize without contradicting one another. Below are hermeneutical principles which will help us understand the meanings of biblical texts...


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