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An exposition of 2 Timothy

The year was AD 67; persecution was rampant and false teachers saturated the church. Many believers no longer desired to hear sound doctrine and, therefore, heaped up teachers to simply itch their ears (2 Tim 4:2-4). Timothy, a pastor in the church of Ephesus, most likely, was discouraged (1:7, 2:1). With some of his last words, Paul writes from prison to encourage his disciple, Timothy, to complete his ministry (4:5). He commands him to be like a good soldier (2:3-4), a victorious athlete (2:5), and a hardworking farmer (2:6). Above all, Timothy needed to stay faithful to Scripture: he was to guard it (1:14) and teach it to others (2:2, 4:1). God’s Word was to be his chief priority. 

Our times are not much different. Persecution towards Christians continues to grow, and many, from within the faith community, twist Scripture to fit the rapidly changing culture. Just like Timothy, we need to hear the apostle’s charge to guard the Good Deposit with the help of the Holy Spirit (1:14). 

SERMONS: [Edited Manuscripts Coming Soon]
Reprioritize: Developing Apostolic Priorities (2 Tim 1:1-7)
Performing the Ministry of Refreshment (2 Tim 1:15-18)
The Disciplines of a Strong Minister (2 Tim 2:1-7)
Encouragements to Endure Suffering for Christ (2 Tim 2:8-13)
Approved Workers of God (2 Tim 2:14-19)
Becoming a Person God Can Greatly Use (2 Tim 2:20-26)
The Church in the Last Days (2 Tim 3:1-9)
Why to Abide in God’s Word (2 Tim 3:14-17)
Performing the Ministry of Preaching (2 Tim 4:1-5)
The Successful Christian Life (2 Tim 4:6-8)
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