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Wrestling Face Off

A Study of Jacob

Among all the biblical heroes, Jacob’s story is peculiar. In many ways, he is more like a villain. He manipulates his brother, deceives his father and father-in-law, and raises up ruthless children who murder the men of a village and sell their own brother into slavery. However, with Jacob, we learn that God can redeem and change the worst of sinners—people like us. We are all part of God’s redemption story, in which he transforms people from Jacobs to Israels—from sinners to saints. As God layers grace upon us and our failures, he transforms us into people he can use greatly to bless the world. Let’s study God’s gracious work in Jacob, so we can better recognize and respond to God’s amazing grace and help others do the same. Thank you, Lord! Amen!
Experiencing God’s Promises (Gen 25:19-28)
Missing God’s Best (Gen 25:29-34)
Signs of Not Trusting God (Gen 27)
Experiencing Intimacy with God (Gen 28)
Equipped in God’s Boot Camp (Gen 29:1-30)
Protecting Our Families from Sin and Dysfunctionality (Gen 29:31-30:24
Growing as Kingdom Workers (Gen 30:25-43)
Faithfully Following God (Gen 31)
Seeking Reconciliation (Gen 32:1-21)
What Is God’s Purpose in Trials (Gen 32:22-32)
Living Out Our New Identity in Christ (Gen 33)
Consequences of Neglecting God (Gen 34)
Experiencing Revival in Our Lives and Communities (Gen 35)
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