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Book Review: My Restoration Journey

My Restoration Journey: The True Story of Erica Kramer is a powerful, life changing story about Erica’s divorce and reconciliation. While reading, I kept thinking, “How can we get this book into as many hands as possible? It is so needed.” Not only will this book be encouraging for divorced, separated, or struggling couples, but for anybody going through trials—which will be all of us at some point. In God’s sovereignty, he allows trials to strengthen and draw us to himself. This is a story which reflects how hardship leads to perseverance, perseverance to character, and character to hope (cf. Rom 5:3-4).

The first chapter starts with a dramatic scene during Erica’s separation. She obsesses over her estranged husband, David, leading to suicidal thoughts and neglect of her children. Her mom calls the cops because she was so worried that Erica would hurt herself. At the end of chapter 1, you're left wondering, “How could they ever reconcile?” In chapter 2, Erica jumps over their time of separation and divorce to their reconciliation. It is a beautiful foretaste of the eight month journey of God’s work in their lives. In chapter 3, Erica returns to the beginning of their relationship. She shares how they met and eventually married. It is a fun love story. In chapter 4, Erica shows how trouble in paradise began. Erica catches David cheating emotionally with another woman, and shortly after, in an interesting twist of fate, finds out that she is pregnant—keeping her from seeking a divorce. David promises it will never happen again. Erica seemingly forgives, and they move on. However, even though David continues to be faithful, Erica never fully regains trust in him. Eventually, she becomes consumed with the idea that he is cheating. Her continuous accusations, phone-checking, and embarrassing him before co-workers, eventually pushes David to leave her. At this reality, Erica frantically seeks to get David back but only further alienates him.

The rest of the story focuses on how Erica finds God and begins a transformation process. Instead of idolizing her husband and the reconciliation of her marriage, she learns to esteem God and trust him. Day by day, the Lord leads Erica to learn to love and trust God more, her true Husband. As God changes Erica, he begins to change David and eventually restores their marriage. Unlike many good stories, Erica does not leave the reader hanging. She gives an encouraging update on their marriage and ministry in the epilogue.

My Restoration Journey is a powerful and convicting story that will encourage and challenge readers. It reminds us that “The Lord is our Shepherd and we shall not be in want” and how in our pain, “He anoints our head with oil and our cup overflows.” Our God is faithful in all our circumstances. This is a book that not only will you be glad to have read, but you will want to give copies to many of your friends. Lord, please use this book to heal people, restore marriages, and glorify yourself. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

6 out of 5 stars!

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