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Book Review: Daddy Has a New Home, Not a New Heart

Where is Dad? When is he coming home? Sadly, many are keenly aware of how it feels to grow up without a father at home. Some fathers are gone because they chose to be, some because of mistakes they made, some for other reasons. Daddy has a New Home, Not a New Heart, by Mari Borrero, deals with this sobering reality in our society.

It teaches many valuable lessons children need to hear such as: Our decisions are important and they affect others, saying I’m sorry for wrongs committed, how the mistakes of others (even our family) don’t have to define us, respecting elders, and the importance of faith.

Obviously, it would be great if children didn’t have to contemplate this reality, but it’s just that, a reality. One out of three children live in homes without their father. Over 2.7 million children have a parent in prison or jail.

Mrs. Borrero tackles this in a manner that children can understand and find encouragement. Daddy Has a New Home, Not a New Heart is a great book to be read in homes without a father and in elementary schools, where so many children struggle with their home situation. Thank you Mrs. Borrero for this wonderful resource to help heal the hearts of our children.

6 out of 5 stars!

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