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An Exposition of 1 Timothy


How can we become good ministers of Christ Jesus? In 1 Timothy, Paul writes his protégé Timothy, who is overseeing the church in Ephesus, to encourage him to complete the work God called him to (1 Tim 1:18-19). False teachers had infiltrated the congregation, church members were looking down on Timothy because of his youth, and Timothy was frequently sick with stomach ailments. There were many obstacles to discourage and make him want to quit. Throughout the letter, Paul encourages Timothy to be faithful (1 Tim 4:14-16, 6:11-12), instructs him on how the church of the living God should be run (1 Tim 3:15), and on how to be a good minister of Christ Jesus (1 Tim 4:6). 

Although 1 Timothy is often called a pastoral epistle, it doesn’t just speak to pastors. It speaks to all of us, because we’re all called to ministry. It instructs us on issues like combatting false teaching (Ch. 1), prayer and worship (Ch. 2), church organization (Ch. 3), the minister’s life and doctrine (Ch. 4), the mercy ministry of the church (Ch. 5), and the believer’s relationship with money (Ch. 6), among other things. It also encourages us to complete our God-given tasks, amidst various obstacles (cf. 1 Tim 1:18-19, 4:12). As we read it, we are challenged, like Timothy, to become good ministers of Christ Jesus, at a time when the church desperately needs them. Let’s study it together

SERMONS: [Edited Manuscripts Coming Soon]
Marks of Faithful Christian Soldiers (1 Tim 1:1-7)
How to Fight Our Battle Well (1 Tim 1:18-20)
Becoming a Praying Church (1 Tim 2:1-8)
The Conduct of Women in Worship (1 Tim 2:9-15)
Essential Qualities of Elders (1 Tim 3:1-7)
Qualities of Deacons and Deaconesses—Faithful Servants (1 Tim 3:8-13)
God’s Mission for the Church (1 Tim 3:14-16)
Guarding Against Apostasy (1 Tim 4:1-5)
Becoming Good Ministers of Christ (1 Tim 4:6-10)
Becoming Good Ministers of Christ Pt. 2 (1 Tim 4:11-16)
The Ministry of Correction (1 Tim 5:1-2)
Caring for Widows and Those in Need (1 Tim 5:3-16)
How to Minister to Our Pastors (1 Tim 5:17-25)
Glorifying God in the Workplace (1 Tim 6:1-2)
Identifying False Teachers (1 Tim 6:3-5)
Freedom from the Trap of Loving Wealth (1 Tim 6:6-10)
Characteristics of the Man (or Woman) of God (1 Tim 6:11-16)
Being Good Stewards of God’s Riches (1 Tim 6:17-21)
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