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Endorsements for the Bible Teacher’s Guide series.



"The Bible Teacher's Guide ... will help any teacher study and get a better background for his/her Bible lessons. In addition, it will give direction and scope to teaching of the Word of God. Praise God for this contemporary introduction to the Word of God."


Dr. Elmer Towns; Co-founder of Liberty University; Former Dean, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary


Expositional, theological, and candidly practical! I highly recommend the Bible Teacher’s Guide for anyone seeking to better understand or teach God’s Word.


Dr. Young-Gil Kim, Founding President of Handong Global University


Helpful to both the layman and the serious student, The Bible Teacher's Guide, by Dr. Greg Brown, is outstanding!

 Dr. Neal Weaver, President of Louisiana Baptist University

Greg Brown’s the Bible Teacher’s Guide is a wonderful resource for the whole Body of Christ. These guides are clear, easy to read, and very user friendly. Whether you are preparing a Bible study, a sermon, or simply wanting to dive deeper into a personal study of God’s Word, these will be very helpful tools.


Eddie Byun – Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Torch Trinity Graduate UniversityAuthor of Justice Awakening

The best Bible teaching guides come from those who are already skillful teachers. I have found that teaching younger people is particularly helpful preparation for a wider Bible teaching ministry because one has to labour to keep the attention of the students and apply truth relevantly and vibrantly to their lives. Greg Brown has all these qualifications. A week of concentrated teaching to students from his ministry gave me evidence of the very effective work he is doing among university students in Korea. I am happy that Greg is making his insights into God’s truth available to a wider audience through these books. They bear the hallmarks of good Bible teaching: the result of rigorous Bible study and thoroughgoing application to the lives of people.


Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ; Author of A Call to Joy and Pain

Greg Brown's the Bible Teacher's Guide is thorough, scholarly enough to explain the text, clear, and practical. He treats difficult verses fairly and with helpful explanations (unlike many commentaries that skip the explanation right where you want it!). This study could be used by pastors as an aid for sermon preparation, by small group leaders, or by any believer who wants to understand and apply God's Word personally. I can't imagine any student of Scripture not benefiting by this work.



Steven J. Cole, Pastor, Flagstaff Christian Fellowship, Author of the Riches From the Word series

Gregory Brown has created a user-friendly resource for Bible study. The Bible Teacher’s Guide is thorough but concise, with thought-provoking discussion questions in each section. This is a great tool for teaching God’s Word.


Dr. Steve Pettey, Dean of Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary

The format (pertinent questions related directly to the text) draws the reader into the content of the passage while at the same time modeling sound interpretive method. Knowing the right questions to ask and how to go about answering them is fundamental to learning in any subject matter. Greg demonstrates this convincingly.



Dr. William Moulder, Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity International University

Greg has a scholar’s mind, a pastor’s heart, and an athlete’s body. The Bible Teacher’s Guide series is scholarly enough for pastors, and is pastorally helpful for anyone who wants to study or teach the Bible. The content of the series is rich. My prayer is that God will use it to help the body of Christ grow strong.


Dr. Min Chung, Senior Pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church (Urbana, Illinois)

For several years, it has been my joy to hear the teachings of Greg Brown. Pastor Greg is passionate about the Word of God, rigorous and thorough in his approach to the study of it, and consistent in his life that exemplifies what he preaches. I am pleased to recommend the Bible Teacher’s Guide to anyone who hungers for the living Word.



Dr. JunMo Cho, Worship Leader and Recording Artist; Professor of Linguistics at Handong Global University


The Bible Teacher’s Guide series has been a welcome addition to’s library of free, quality, trustworthy Bible study material. Greg deals with the principles, doctrines, and applications of the text in a practical way which is useful for both individual growth or for help in preparation for teaching. 


Bob Deffinbaugh, ThM; On behalf of


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