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Greg Brown earned his MA in religion and MA in teaching from Trinity International University, a MRE from Liberty University, and a PhD in theology from Louisiana Baptist University. He has served over seventeen years in pastoral ministry, and currently serves as a chaplain and professor at Handong Global University, teaching pastor at Handong International Congregation, and as a Navy Reserve chaplain. He is also the author of the popular book series, The Bible Teacher's Guide.


Greg married his lovely wife, Tara Jayne, in 2006, and they have two daughters, Saiyah Grace and Hannah Saje. He enjoys going on dates with his wife, playing with his daughters, reading, writing, studying in coffee shops, working out, and following the NBA and UFC. His pursuit in life simply put is “to know God and to be found faithful by Him.”

For more information, check out this interview with Pastor Greg on the Living the Life podcast, titled "When God Calls You to Serve Overseas." 

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